A Bigley Family Walk

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2013 in Dan's Posts

FamilyIt was a typical evening walk for the Bigley family.

Evening walks seem like they should be so relaxing. For our family, they seldom are as peaceful as we expect them to be. Tonight’s walk was no different. Just out of the car, Amber, the dogs, and I walked down a snowy trail into some woods and waited at the bottom of a hill for our son to catch up with his sled. Overly confident, I stood aloof while my son came tearing down the trail screaming, “Woooohhh!

Amber yelled, “Alden, jump off the sled!
Still aloof, my subconscious thoughts told me that mom had this one under control.WHAM!!! My shoulder slammed into the ground, then my hips, then my legs. That was when I began to realize what had happened.
Amber yelled, “Alden! Why were you sledding backwards?! You couldn’t even see where you were going!
My shoulder ached and shot with pain.

Ah yes, another relaxing evening walk with the Bigley family.




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